Capo Corleone is an international recording artist & music executive based out of Los Angeles, CA. He is CEO of C2 Management and founder and former CEO of Tree4ort Records. His music has graced many stages and television screens throughout his tours in Europe and the United States.

In 2021, Capo’s single “Suge White” charted at #31 on the Apple iTunes Hip Hop charts above industry favorites like Drake, Kanye West and Eminem.

The 2019 release “Nina Brave” was given massive attention as the single became the entrance song for European Boxing Champion Nina Meinke; widely known as “Nina The Brave”. Capo performed the song live as she defended her championship title in Germany with a live audience of thousands and a television audience of millions; establishing his fan base around Europe.

Capo has also executively produced artists in all genres outside of his own and Yahoo Finance has called him “a staple in the music business”.

He is frequently a guest on TMZ and was previously a radio host of The Fixxx on Dash Radio.


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